„I never wanted to make a living with music“ – „For what reason?“ – „I would then need to fit in and make too many compromises; would I then strike the right note? Too much fuss and limitations. These consequences I would rather leave to regular employment. Artistry, on the other hand, I shall gladly take into my own protective hands“.

Asi-Es, a Berlin beats producer born in 1984 in Hamburg-St.-Pauli, devising own beats and stems own productions. Up to now his projects have mainly been focused in the hip hop music genre.

Asi-Es has been active as MC under the pen name „Cloudito“ for 13 years. In 2012 he switched sides and decided to contribute to the hip hop music culture as beats producer.

For his debut album as beats producer, Asi-Es once again stood behind the microphone and released his foremost last text output of 14 own beats.

His years as MC and text writer were mainly spent during his time as a member of the Berlin hip hop formation „Conexión Musical“, who were active from 2004 to 2012 producing three albums together. The other members of Conexión „blank“ and „Lena Stoehrfaktor“ still keep in close contact and often appear in his current productions.

With his exile Chilean family background, a close connection with the Chilean hip hop culture has always been an inspirational influence and is cultivated to this day.

From 2008 to 2013 Asi-Es was involved in the RapCore Project „Moral Hazart“, which seeks to combine rap with harder elements. With the use of drums, bass and guitar, various live gigs and recordings were realised.

Asi-Es‘ music reflects his own personal experiences and society in general. Often the oppressive elements dominate, although political aspects are always taken into critical account.

In the future Asi-Es strives to work with other MC‘s, vocalists and text writers. The world of beats is emerging and new ideas are evolving.